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Hard drive recovery

Dropped your hard drive (HDD / SSD) and broke it? Data recovery from a damaged hard drive (HP®, Samsung®, Seagate®, Toshiba®, WD®, LaCie®, Intel®, Adata® and more).

Lost important pictures, files or contacts? Recovery of lost photos, recovery of deleted images, in Tallinn and all over Estonia.

We are located in Tallinn, Estonia.

Price: 75€

Payment only upon successful recovery.


HP®, Samsung®, Seagate®, Toshiba®, WD®, LaCie®, Intel®, Adata® and more

Hard drive recovery: File types

We restore almost all types of storage devices. We use different types of premium software and several techniques to recover deleted data. The software we use also supports internal hard drives (HDD), external USB drives, SD and CF cards. , solid state drives (SSD) etc.


AVI, FLV (Flash video), M4V (iTunes video), MP4 (MPEG-4 video), MPG (MPEG video), WMV (Windows Media Video) and more...


MP3 (MPEG Audio Stream, Layer III), AIF, AIFC, AIFF (Audio Interchange File), WMA (Windows Media audio files) and more...


BMP, JPEG, JP2, GIF, TIFF, PSP. Polaroid/Sigma: X3F. Pentax: PEF. Adobe: AI, APM, IDML, INDL, INX, PSB, PSD and more...


DOCX (Microsoft Word), PDF, PPTX (Microsoft PowerPoint), XLSX (Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet) and more...


ZIP (Extended Zip File), RAR (WinRAR Compressed Archive), DMG (Mac OS X Disk Image), 7Z (7-Zip Compressed) and more...

Andmete taastamine
Andmete taastamine


AVI, FLV (Flash video), M4V (iTunes video), MP4 (MPEG-4 video), MPG (MPEG video), WMV (Windows Media Video) and more...

Hard drive recovery: Scenarios

Faulty hard drive

The hard drive (HDD/SSD) is no longer working for some reason, but the important files remain there.

Formatted external drive

Flash memory (memory sticks, memory cards, etc.) on which important data is stored is broken. The computer can see it, but I can't open it.

Virus infection

I know that the disk or flash drive is infected with a virus. I can't open it and my computer is acting weird but I need the files.

Damaged memory cards

The SD card with photos from previous vacations broke. I need to restore all the files, but the folder won't open at all.

Lost partition

I updated Windows or Mac and the install corrupted the disk. Now some required files are not available.

Empty trash can

I accidentally emptied the recycle bin on my computer where important files were located. Now I can't get them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The amount depends on the factors. In most cases, the price for this service is 75 euros.

Payment only upon successful data recovery.

The customer pays the postage in full.

Depends on many factors. In most cases the result is positive, and the answer is YES.

First – Contact Us.

Second – Send your broken device to Us with an Omniva or Itella parcel machine, or bring the damaged device directly to Our office.

Third – Our team will do their best to recover data from your broken device.

Fourth – If the data recovery is successful, we will agree with you how we will deliver the recovered data to you.

It may be that it is no longer possible to recover data from a broken device. In this case, you pay nothing for the repair.
If you want to return a broken device, the customer must pay the shipping costs. You can also come to our office to pick up your broken device free of charge.

Your privacy and confidentiality are extremely important to us, we implement all organizational and technical measures to ensure the security of your personal data and ensure that data processing operations comply with the Data Protection Act, Regulation, Directive.

We can overwrite your data on a new memory card/USB (the price of the new device will be added), or we can send you data via the Internet.

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